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Sacred Soothsayer

Katukina Blend Orchid Fever | Wash Away Negative Energies

Katukina Blend Orchid Fever | Wash Away Negative Energies

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Vibrational Essence:

  • Calming: Soothing and tranquil, promoting a sense of peace and relaxation.
  • Uplifting: Elevating mood and spirit, fostering a positive outlook.
  • Cleansing: Purifying and refreshing, clearing away negative energies.
  • Focusing: Enhancing mental clarity and concentration.
  • Invigorating: Energizing and revitalizing, awakening the senses.

Blend Profile: Orchid Fever Hapé offers a unique sensory experience, artfully crafted with fresh Vanilla pods and premium aromatic Coffee. Its sharpness, paired with an uplifting flavor and rustic aroma, delivers potent effects that linger long after inhalation. This blend is renowned for its divine aftertaste and subtle yet distinct sensations. Orchid Fever harmoniously combines healing and cleansing properties with calming and focusing effects. As the initial phase subsides, a gentle rise in body temperature ensues, accompanied by a subtle floral fever that permeates the physical being, infusing warmth throughout. This blend serves as a powerful tool for clearing away negative energies lingering in the subconscious, providing a transformative experience for the user.

About The Tribe

Discover the powerful and sacred Rapé of Katukina. The Katukina, also known as Atukina, Catuquina, Katokina, Katukena, and Katukino, are indigenous groups from southwestern Brazil that have a deep connection to the use of sacred plants. They believe themselves to be the first tribe to receive Kambo medicine from the frog and possess vast knowledge of the spiritual properties of plants. Experience the wild and powerful spirit of the jungle with their strong and deep Hapé.

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This natural product is offered for its ethnographic and historical value and is delivered with no expressed or implied fitness for a specific purpose. It is simply a raw botanical specimen, or a scientific sample. The information provided is purely meant for historical, scientific and educational purposes and should never be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific use. The use and application of our product is at the customer's decision, responsibility and risk.

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