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Sacred Soothsayer

Pineal Flush | Third Eye Opening

Pineal Flush | Third Eye Opening

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Pineal Flush 6.0. A famous non-tribal Hapé. This latest version has become a masterpiece. It is blended using Brazilian Arapiraca Corda and Sabia Corda herb, very strong Louisiana Perique , and the ashes of Mulateiro, Sapota and Samauma. For a strong aromatic experience, the essence of Tonka beans, Emburana seeds, Vanilla pods, Cloves and Menthol were added. The connoisseur will surely appreciate this mind expanding Hapé that smells fresh and sweet, yet literally hits the brain with a velvet hammer. More detailed information can be found below.

This is an extremely high quality blend, it is at a 150 micron fineness.

Packed in 10 & 25 ml clear bottles containing 7 & 16 gr.

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