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Collection: Hapé Juice

Experience the power of Hapé in a convenient nasal spray form with our Hapé Juice Nasal Spray. Simply apply one or two sprays in each nostril, holding the sprayer almost horizontally, and slightly breathe in through the nose to enhance the entry into the sinuses. The strength of the Hapé is immediately recognized and comes on like a sensory explosion, providing powerful grounding and calming the mind. The juice can have a profound cleansing effect on the sinuses and it opens the heart and mind. Our extract ratio is a potent 1:2, meaning that 1 kilo of Hapé was used to produce 2 liters of liquid extract. Our Hapé liquid extract comes in 11ml amber glass bottles with a nose-spray dispenser included, and 22ml refill bottles (without sprayer) are also available. It's important to treat each nostril, as both sides have separate properties: the left side is used for expelling negative energy and the right side is used for receiving good energies, balance, and health. Advised is to allow the fluids to go outward by blowing the nose, and that the remains are not swallowed but spit out. Keep the body upright after administering.