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Sacred Soothsayer

Katukina Blend Clarity | Unlimited Clarity

Katukina Blend Clarity | Unlimited Clarity

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Vibrational Essence:

  • Deep Presence: Enhances mindfulness and present-moment awareness.
  • Grounding: Provides stability and connection to the earth.
  • Clearing & Cleansing: Purifies the mind and spirit of negative energies.
  • Balancing: Restores harmony and equilibrium to the being.

Blend Profile: Explore the transformative potential of Clarity, a meticulously crafted blend designed to elevate holistic wellness and promote profound benefits. Immerse yourself in its essence, a harmonious fusion of Arapiraca, Moy, and Grandfather Herb, interwoven with Cumaru and Canela de Velho ashes, and enriched with the comforting warmth of Cacao. Indulge in the refreshing mint undertones and luxurious aroma of Cacao, guiding you on a sensory journey towards unparalleled mental clarity and deep present-moment awareness.

Experience the distinctive flavor profile of Clarity, expertly balancing potency with grounding elements, leaving behind a memorable scent and a delightful chocolate-like aftertaste. Tailored for mindful exploration, its immediate and profound impact caters to those seeking expanded consciousness.

Distinguished by its purity and ability to harmonize mind, body, and spirit, Clarity is a testament to our alchemic expertise, forming part of our revered trinity alongside Pineal Flush and Orchid Fever.

Though initially potent, Clarity's effects swiftly transition to clear respiratory pathways and heightened mental acuity, revealing its transformative potential. Each batch is a testament to artistry, infused with intuition and empathy, ensuring a unique experience with every use.

About The Tribe

Discover the powerful and sacred Rapé of Katukina. The Katukina, also known as Atukina, Catuquina, Katokina, Katukena, and Katukino, are indigenous groups from southwestern Brazil that have a deep connection to the use of sacred plants. They believe themselves to be the first tribe to receive Kambo medicine from the frog and possess vast knowledge of the spiritual properties of plants. Experience the wild and powerful spirit of the jungle with their strong and deep Hapé.

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