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Sacred Soothsayer

Yawanawa Pau Mulata | Peaceful Warrior

Yawanawa Pau Mulata | Peaceful Warrior

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Comes in Amounts of 7, 14 and 21 Grams

A strong and deeply traditional Hapé from the Yawanawá tribe, prepared with Pau Mulata (Mulateiro). Similar in overall composition as the famous Yawanawa Mulateiro, yet more "grey" in appearance and effect.

The Mulateiro ashes provide a high level of focus, lasting for quite some time and leaving a trace of profound peace, clear headedness and grounding. The effect of this Hapè is not as heavy as the Yawanawa Mulateiro and gives one a strong sense of presence and strength in the body, A Hapè that could aid one in physical activity once the initial application experience has subsided. We feel it is a very well balanced Hapè that would appeal to most users.

Mulateiro has been recorded as being an admixture to the Ayahuasca preparation. Origin: Brazil, Acre.

This Hapé is an extremely fine and dry powder. It takes great effort to produce such a fine powder at a 150 micron fineness. This is our standard because this produces the best Hapé experience.

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