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Sacred Soothsayer

Tomahawk Tepi Ceremony Kit

Tomahawk Tepi Ceremony Kit

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These are the first of their kind and exclusive to Katukina.US ceremony kits with limited availability. We hope you love them and that these tools will serve you well for years to come.

This kit will include our exclusive Tomahawk Tepi which we do not sell individually with a color matching Murmuru palm seed kuripe.

Three large bottles, nearly 2 ounces of classic all time favorite recipes of hapé. Each will carry their own unique and powerful energy; a balanced collection that will fulfill many desired intentions. 

Includes a full size bottle of Xochipilli's Dance Florida Water, always ceremonially made under the full moon and made with essential oils from plants from the garden in a Florida, USA. This is a beautiful way to bless yourself and those being served, use as a powerful energy cleanser as you prepare for ceremony and throughout your daily rituals/life.

Lastly it will come with some Mapacho and a handmade Peruvian medicine bag to carry your sacred supplies together, safely and organized. 

If sold separately this would be over a $400 bundle but these limited packages will be greatly discounted. 

1. 1x Tomahawk Tepi

2. 1x Murmuru Kuripe

3. 1x 4oz Xochipilli's Dance Agua de Florida

4. 3x 25ml Bottles of Hapé

5. Organic Mapacho

6. Peruvian Handmade Bag

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