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Sacred Soothsayer

Shawadawa Rawaputu | Dreams Awaken

Shawadawa Rawaputu | Dreams Awaken

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This amazing blend is of extremely high quality and frequency with mild subtle jungle tones and a sharpness which opens the temples of the head and helps to clear all negative emotions and lingering energies. The after effects are subtle but last for some time. Barely any noticeable phlegm is produced with mild doses, as being an extremely fine powder it almost completely absorbs into the nasal passages. We are blessed to have obtained this Hapé from the Shawãdawa. Deeply grounding into the now. Taking time out is advised. Preparation and relaxation afterwards is necessary to fully understand the experience.

This luxurious Hapé from the Shawadawa tribe has a deep earthly aroma with after tones of deep fermented Mapacho. The color of Rawaputu is a creamy grey and the flow of the powder also has a wonderful creaminess to it. Immediately upon the first application the strength and power of this blend shows itself. Tears instantly begin to flow and it would be best at this moment to close the eyes and allow the full force of the effects to be felt. Attention to all distractions quickly fades as the second application is administered. The effects can be felt all the way to the back of the head and the sharp like clarity beam vaporizes all focus upon anything but the immediate moment. As the focus beyond our immediate situation returns and the first thoughts arise, a calmness and serenity emerges from within. After removal of most of the phlegm and mucus some remnants in the back of the throat remain and for some time after the effects can still be felt. This fine blend from the Shawadawa definitely requires time and space to sit with it. Long lasting and powerful effects are to be expected. Some purging is also possible. A deeply healing variety from the Shawadawa tribe.

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