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Sacred Soothsayer

Matses NuNu Dust of the Elders | Sensory Sharpener

Matses NuNu Dust of the Elders | Sensory Sharpener

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Vibrational Essence:

  • Masculine Energy: Infused with a powerful masculine spirit for grounding and strength.
  • Sensory Enhancement: Heightens sensory abilities
  • Clarity and Focus: Promotes mental clarity, focus, and aim.
  • Medicinal Properties: Clears sinuses and blockages, supports overall well-being.
  • Shamanic Tool: Used traditionally for hunting and ceremonial rituals, including Ayahuasca and Kambo ceremonies.

Blend Profile: This distinctive and potent blend is not called Hapé, it's called Nunu. It is composed by the Matsés tribe, which are also known as the Mayoruna (the Quechan word for ‘river people’) and live in the amazon at the border of Brazil and Peru, on both sides. Experience the raw power of Matsés Nunu Snuff. Originally employed in ceremonial rituals and hunting expeditions, this unique blend enhances sensory perception and sharpens the mind for focused action. Infused with the divinely masculine spirit of the jungle, Matsés Nunu provides moments of calm meditation followed by heightened clarity and concentration. Its medicinal properties extend beyond ritualistic use, offering sinus-clearing benefits and overall wellness support. Administered in larger doses compared to grey Hapé types, Matsés Nunu induces a deeply meditative state, accompanied by potential purging effects.

About The Tribe

The Matsés, an indigenous group traditionally residing in the Amazon Rainforests of Brazil and Peru, are situated south of the more well-known Native American Tribes. They face significant challenges from unauthorized hunting by mestizos (non-native Peruvians and Brazilians), as well as threats from logging and oil companies. Their community is nestled in the areas surrounding the Yavari, Chobayacu, and Gálvez rivers, straddling the Peru-Brazil border.

For centuries, the Matsés have fiercely protected their territory and culture from external influences. It wasn't until 1969 that they ended their isolation, welcoming two female Christian missionaries into their fold. Known in Brazil as Mayorunas or Mayurunas, the Matsés speak a northern Panoan language, sharing linguistic roots with the Matis and Korubo tribes.

Over the past three decades, the Matsés have transitioned from a semi-nomadic lifestyle to establishing more stable settlements, a shift from their previous practice of relocating every few years due to resource depletion. Despite this change, their reliance on the rainforest remains vital, sourcing nearly all their food and tools through hunting, fishing, and tropical agriculture.

The Matsés, often called "Matses Indians" or "Matses Amerindians," have a mysterious origin. Some theories suggest their initial contact with Jesuit Missionaries occurred near Peru's Huallaga River in the 18th Century. Following devastating epidemics, they are believed to have migrated to their current location along the Peru-Brazil border, deliberately avoiding further contact with outsiders. Traditionally, the Matsés had a stark approach towards outsiders, either assimilating or repelling them. The term 'Matsés', meaning 'people' in their language, is how they identify themselves.

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