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Sacred Soothsayer

Kaxinawa Bonatur | Melt Away Worry

Kaxinawa Bonatur | Melt Away Worry

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Comes in Amounts of 7, 14 and 21 Grams

Benefits: Long Lasting Effects, Removes Negative Thoughts, Clears Pent Up Energies, Strong and Deeply Cleansing

This blend was made by a Cacique (chief) of a village in the smallest tribal land of Acre state. This preparation of blend is made with organic Moi Tabaco and a special herb from their culture and region called Bonatura. This blend has a most prestigious and wonderful scent as well as a pleasant aftertaste. They say it cools the mind and the head. An renowned recipe from the Pajé Teta Puã. Not to be missed. 

Packed in 10 ml clear bottles containing 7 gr.

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