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Sacred Soothsayer

Kaxinawa Bonatur | Melt Away Worry

Kaxinawa Bonatur | Melt Away Worry

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Vibrational Essence:.

  • Remove Negative Thoughts: Clears the mind of negative thought patterns.
  • Clear Pent-Up Energies: Releases stagnant energies and promotes flow.
  • Strong and Deeply Cleansing: Offers a potent and thorough cleansing experience.

Blend Profile: Indulge in the transformative power of Purifying Bonatura Blend Hapé, meticulously prepared by a village Cacique in the heart of Acre state. This exquisite blend features organic Moi and a special herb native to their culture and region known as Bonatura, curated with precision to deliver exceptional results.

Renowned for its prestigious scent and pleasant aftertaste, this blend offers a cooling sensation to the mind and head, as attested by the esteemed Pajé Teta Puã. Its potent formulation ensures a thorough cleansing of negative energies and thought patterns, leaving you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to embrace the day.

About The Tribe

The Kaxinawa people, also known as the Huni kuin or "True Humans," are a prominent indigenous tribe in Acre state and Peru. They belong to the Pano linguistic tribes residing in the Brazilian and Peruvian Amazon regions, and comprise 42% of the indigenous population in Acre. Their name, "People of the Bat," was given to them by rival tribes. The tribe's leader is a highly respected shaman who advocates for his people through various organizations, including UNI/AC, ASKARJ, the Alliance of Forest Peoples, and the International Council on Human Rights.

Hapé, a traditional snuff made from different ingredients, is used by the Kaxinawa tribe for a variety of purposes. It can alleviate physical pain and sinus issues, as well as aid in mental healing when combined with chanting. Hapé is also believed to connect the tribe with the spirits of the jungle and has various effects, such as curing ailments, improving concentration, and enhancing hunting abilities.

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