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Sacred Soothsayer

Kaxinawa Xina | High Vibrational Cleansing

Kaxinawa Xina | High Vibrational Cleansing

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Uses & Benefits: Grounding and Clearing, Spiritual cleansing, High Frequency, Focused and Centering 

Rare. Last limited stock. This rare tribal Kaxinawa (Huni Kuin) Hapé contains the herb Xina Inivati, Yapa tree ash, and Moi. Xina Inivati is said by the shaman to be used for spiritual cleansing. It is a Hapè that is light brown in color with aromatic Moi tones. It's flavor and taste contains intriguing notes of other forest plants. It provides a short flash in the sinus followed by a highly focused afterglow. 

Packed in 10 ml clear bottles containing 7 gr.

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