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Sacred Soothsayer

Suco De Hapé Forca (Hapé Juice)

Suco De Hapé Forca (Hapé Juice)

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Introducing Suco de Hapé Força, a potent and innovative liquid extract for nasal application. Developed with meticulous care and refined over years of expertise, we proudly offer a range of liquid Hapé nasal sprays to our esteemed customers.

Experience powerful impact of Hapé through 1:1 extract ratio and high-frequency sound extraction. The subtle jungle scents will transport you on an emotional journey while the powerful female energy helps to find balance on all levels: emotional, physical, and mental. The grounding after effects make it an ideal choice for those seeking balance and grounding. The grounding after effects make it an ideal choice for those seeking balance and grounding. 

Suco de Hapé Força is a powerful liquid extract created from a harmonious blend of diverse Hapé varieties. Through a specialized extraction process utilizing high-frequency sound waves up to 20 KHz, the plant material's cellular structure is gently opened, yielding an efficient extraction without the need for solvents or heat. To ensure stability and halt natural fermentation, a small amount of bio alcohol is introduced during the extraction phase. The resulting juice undergoes meticulous filtration, followed by slow vacuum evaporation, reducing it to a concentrated 1:1 extract. This extract is left to settle for four months, allowing any fine plant particles to naturally separate and be discarded. The end product is a premium quality "raw" extract, ideally suited for use in nasal sprayers. To guarantee an extended shelf life, a small percentage of bio alcohol is incorporated.

The extract ratio of Suco de Hapé Força is a potent 1:1, meaning that one kilo of Hapé is used to produce one liter of liquid extract. Each 11 ml amber glass bottle of Suco de Hapé Força includes a nose-spray dispenser for convenient application. Additionally, we offer 22 ml refill bottles (without sprayer) for your continued use. Apply one or two sprays in each nostril, angling the sprayer towards the center of your head. Gently inhaling through the nose enhances the entry into your sinuses. It is vital to treat each nostril separately, as the left side is associated with releasing negative energy, while the right side is connected to receiving positive energies, balance, and health. After administration, it is advised to expel any remaining fluids by blowing the nose rather than swallowing them. Maintain an upright posture and avoid lying on your back immediately after use.

Discover the transformative potential of Suco de Hapé Força, an exquisite liquid extract designed to elevate your experience. Embrace this modern approach to Hapé application and honor the sacred traditions with grace and reverence.

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This natural product is offered for its ethnographic and historical value and is delivered with no expressed or implied fitness for a specific purpose. It is simply a raw botanical specimen, or a scientific sample. The information provided is purely meant for historical, scientific and educational purposes and should never be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific use. The use and application of our product is at the customer's decision, responsibility and risk.

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