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Yawanawa Parika | Strong & Highly Vibrational

Yawanawa Parika | Strong & Highly Vibrational

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Benefits & Effects : Strong, Quiets the Mind, Clears Stuck Energies, High Frequency


This is a highly praised Hapé called Yawanawa Parika. Made by a non-tribal shaman. All the ingredients have been collected from the indigenous themselves, yet they have been prepared by a close friend who visits the indigenous Yawanawá tribe peoples frequently. This Hapé is what you’d expect from a traditional grey Hapé, yet full of force. It hits like a needle in the center of perception with surgical precision, eliminating all mind activity. Extremely high vibrational and helps with clearing of negative and stuck energies in the body and mind. 

The basis of this extraordinary and famous Hapé is Arapiraca Tabaco and Parica ashes. It is simple referred to as "Parika". This highly praised Hapé blend is cherished among connoisseurs and healers alike due to its strong powerful effects.

An outstanding Hapé with minimal purging effects. Revered by the many people who have used this exquisite Hapé, as one of the best ever produced. A must for the collector.

Packed in 10 ml clear bottles containing 7 gr.

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