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Sacred Soothsayer

Nukini Forca | Sheonix Rising

Nukini Forca | Sheonix Rising

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One of the most coveted and in-demand Hapé varieties available today is this authentic tribal blend, meticulously crafted with unique floral ingredients by the Nukini tribe. This Hapé, imbued with the tribe's profound reverence and vigor for the natural world, stands out as the most desired of its kind. Its aroma is enchanting and potent, yet delicately balanced, offering deep, forest-like nuances with a comforting warmth that lingers in the body's energy centers long after use. The Nukini Forca touches the heart and soul, delivering the perfect level of intensity. Its aftereffects are incredibly tranquil, creating a sense of clarity and cleansing within the system. The Nukini Forca achieves a harmonious blend in every aspect. This special concoction, crafted by the tribe's leading shamaness, possesses unique high-frequency healing qualities seldom found elsewhere. It induces a state of profound serenity and relaxation, allowing distractions to gently dissolve away.

Unlike many other tribes, the Nukini entrust the creation and gathering of this sacred Hapé to the women, infusing the Nukini Força with a robust feminine energy and a delightful, aromatic presence. Beyond its enchanting fragrance and strong feminine essence, this Hapé is perfect for achieving equilibrium on emotional, physical, and mental levels. It is also an invigorating Hapé that facilitates a focused journey and empowers the feminine heart. Similar to the Floresta, the Nukini Força aids in clearing the sinuses and head, while minimizing physical purging. It's important to expel any residues after the effects diminish. Originating from Acre, Brazil, this Hapé, made from Rustica, offers a unique and holistic experience.

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