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Sacred Soothsayer

Kuntanawa Trevo Cumaru | Peace and Clearing

Kuntanawa Trevo Cumaru | Peace and Clearing

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Explore the rich tradition of Kuntanawa, meaning "People of the Coconut," renowned for their consumption of palm nuts. Pedro Kuntanawa, a custodian of this heritage, crafts this exceptional Hapé blend. Formulated with locally sourced organic Moi and infused with the ashes of Pau Pereira (Tsunu) and the revered herb Trevo Cumaru.

Trevo Cumaru holds a special place in Pedro's heart, cherished for its ability to fortify the mind, dispel negativity, and foster inner peace in spiritual realms. Pedro's deep connection with this herb, nurtured through extensive study and ceremonial meditation, underscores its significance in his daily life and spiritual practices, particularly in conjunction with Ayahuasca ceremonies. Pedro attests that this Hapé aids him in centering his mind and honing his focus for healing work and exploration of the forest's mysteries.

This authentic and potent Hapé originates from our esteemed friend Pedro, who resides in Brazil and engages closely with indigenous communities. With years of collaboration, Pedro has become an integral part of our journey.

Crafted to perfection, our Hapé boasts an exceptionally fine and dry texture, finely ground to a 150 micron fineness. This meticulous process ensures an unparalleled Hapé experience, with all products meeting stringent quality standards through the use of laboratory-grade sieves and dehydrating equipment before packaging.

Available in 10ml and 25ml clear bottles, containing 8g and 15g respectively, our Hapé is ready to accompany you on your spiritual journey.

About The Tribe

The Kuntanawa tribe is a small indigenous group located in the Acre region of Brazil. They have struggled to regain full ethnic recognition and their territory, following the devastating massacres of the rubber boom. Today, there are only around 250 members of the Kuntanawa tribe left, and they are working to preserve their culture and traditions through organizing festivals with other Pano linguistic tribes. The Kuntanawa place a strong emphasis on the ritualistic use of Ayahuasca, believing it will help them recover their lost traditions and knowledge. However, their language is believed to be irrecoverably lost.

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