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Sacred Soothsayer

Nukini Floresta | Clearing & Connection

Nukini Floresta | Clearing & Connection

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Vibrational Essence:

  • Feminine Energy: Nurturing and harmonious blend.
  • Emotional Journey: Facilitates a meditative mindset for inner exploration.
  • Uplifting and Cleansing: Offers intense uplifting effects while deeply cleansing negative energies and emotions.
  • Physical Cleansing: Clears throat, sinuses, and head, initiating a comprehensive physical and energetic purification process.

Blend Profile: Nukini Floresta Blend Hapé embodies the rich tradition of the Nukini tribe, where women take charge of crafting and collecting this sacred blend. Infused with a powerful feminine energy, this classic tribal blend features a new ingredient: therapeutic Eucalyptus. The fragrant and flowery scent of Eucalyptus initiates a deep emotional journey and fosters a meditative mindset, ideal for balancing and grounding practices. Its uplifting and cleansing effects wash away negative energies and emotions, promoting a renewed sense of balance on all levels—emotional, spiritual, and physical. Experience the physical cleansing as Nukini Floresta clears the throat, sinuses, and head. Often minimal residues will be left in the back of the throat, it is important to spit out and remove all remnants once the effect has resided. This helps to visualize the cleansing process. With continued intention, clarity and purification extend beyond immediate use, lasting weeks or months.

About The Tribe

The Nukini tribe, part of the Pano linguistic family, can be found in Acre, Brazil. With only around 750 members, the tribe has faced severe challenges, including enslavement and massacre during the latex cycle. A significant portion of their culture and language has been lost, but the Nukini have managed to survive by mingling with other tribes and rebuilding a strong connection to the surrounding nature. Uniquely, the Nukini value the plant knowledge of their female members, who are responsible for gathering and blending Hapé plants.

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