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Sacred Soothsayer

Kaxinawa Cacao | The Heart Warmer

Kaxinawa Cacao | The Heart Warmer

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Vibrational Essence:

  • Stimulating & Energizing: Awaken your senses with a surge of vitality and vigor.
  • Rushing Energies: Feel the exhilarating rush of energy invigorating your spirit.
  • Subtle Lift: Enjoy a subtle yet uplifting boost to elevate your mood and focus.

Blend Profile: Immerse yourself in the rich aroma of the Amazon with our Kaxinawa Cacao Blend Hapé. Crafted by the Kaxinawa tribe, this blend combines cacao husk ashes with jungle Grandfather herbs to create a stimulating and energizing experience. Feel the tingling sensations and rushing energies swirling around your energy center, gradually dissipating after a few minutes. With a darker powder than traditional grey Hapé types, some may experience a slight sensation in the throat, but it is manageable and suitable for newcomers and connoisseurs alike. Perfect for busy days when energy levels need a boost to maintain equilibrium. This blend is made with the ashes of native Amazonian Cacao trees, following a traditional recipe from the Huni Kuin tribe. It maintains its reddish color due to the lower ash content and the addition of Corda, providing an extra kick. Cacao, wild-grown in the Amazon, offers a unique taste distinct from plantation-grown varieties. The Huni Kuin tribe typically uses the bark of the Cacao tree for the ashes, ensuring a refined and consistent fineness and dryness for an exceptional Hapé experience.

About The Tribe

The Kaxinawa tribe's ancestral wisdom is reflected in the creation of Kaxinawa Cacao Blend Hapé, honoring their deep connection to the Amazon and its natural treasures.

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