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Sacred Soothsayer

Breu Resin

Breu Resin

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A portion of our Breu Resin sales go towards supporting charitable needs within our community, in addition to our Ayahuasca Scholarship Program. This allows us to give back to our community and make a positive impact through our offerings.


Each offering comes with premium coal discs; packaged in a high quality reusable linen bag for carrying and storage.

Experience the magic of the Amazon with our White Breu Resin Incense. This natural incense is made from the resinous sap of the Protium tree, found deep in the heart of the rainforest. For centuries, indigenous tribes such as the Yawanawá, Kaxinawá, and Katukina have cherished White Breu Resin for its unique, earthy aroma that blends balsam, spice, and woody notes.

When you light up White Breu Resin, it fills your space with a rich, grounding scent that helps create a peaceful and meditative atmosphere. It's perfect for cleansing negative energies, bringing clarity to your mind, and helping you focus during meditation. Its soothing aroma is also great for unwinding after a long day, promoting relaxation and reducing stress.

Our White Breu Resin is sustainably harvested, ensuring we protect the natural habitat and support local communities. Each piece is handpicked and crafted with care, capturing the pure essence of the Amazon rainforest.


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This natural product is offered for its ethnographic and historical value and is delivered with no expressed or implied fitness for a specific purpose. It is simply a raw botanical specimen, or a scientific sample. The information provided is purely meant for historical, scientific and educational purposes and should never be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific use. The use and application of our product is at the customer's decision, responsibility and risk.

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