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Sacred Soothsayer

Shawadawa Kapayuba | Spiritual Connection (STRONG)

Shawadawa Kapayuba | Spiritual Connection (STRONG)

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Vibrational Essence:

  • Transformative Clarity: Experience profound clarity and transformation with this high-frequency blend.
  • Sensual Awakening: Delight in subtle flowery tones that awaken the senses and elevate the spirit.
  • Elevated Presence: Feel a sharpness that pierces through mental fog, bringing you fully into the present moment.
  • Gentle Absorption: Enjoy a smooth application with minimal phlegm production, thanks to its ultra-fine powder consistency.
  • Spiritual Connection: Connect with the spiritual essence of the Shawãdawa tradition, invoking the healing power of Kapayuba.

Blend Profile: Shawãdawa Kapayuba Blend Hapé offers a unique journey into the heart of Amazonian healing traditions. Crafted under the influence of the full moon, this blend exudes a high frequency that resonates with transformative energy. From the moment of application, subtle flowery tones dance on the palate, awakening the senses and inviting a deeper connection with the self. The sharpness of the blend cuts through mental clutter, bringing clarity and heightened presence to the forefront.

Derived from the Shawãdawa's sacred traditions, Kapayuba serves a dual purpose, offering physical strength for daily tasks and spiritual insight during ceremonial rituals. Used in conjunction with Ayahuasca ceremonies, Kapayuba facilitates profound spiritual experiences, connecting participants with healing songs and guiding them through material and spiritual healing sessions. To fully embrace its spiritual potential, it's recommended to adhere to a diet free of salt or sugar, allowing for a deeper connection with the medicine's teachings.

About The Tribe

The Shawadawa people, known as the "people of the macaw", are a Pano linguistic group residing in the native arable land of the Humaitá stream in the municipality of Porto Walter. They suffered from forced labor during the rubber extraction period, which lasted until the 1970s, resulting in the loss of their mother tongue. However, their culture and traditions have been preserved through stories, songs, dances, and other practices. The community preserves the forest and has implemented projects for extracting coconut oil. They have a differentiated education system that focuses on revitalizing their culture and passing on knowledge from generation to generation. However, there are concerns about the impact of petroleum exploitation near their land and the influence of the Portuguese language on their mother tongue.

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