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Sacred Soothsayer

Puyanawa Madre | Expansive Tranquility

Puyanawa Madre | Expansive Tranquility

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Benefits & Uses: Beautifully calming, Perfectly balanced, Enhances spiritual connection, Aids in releasing what no longer serves, A spectacular blend 

Experience the sheer power of Puyanawa Hape, crafted with the sacred Moi, Pixuri leaves, and ashes from a revered, wild "Mother" vine. The potency of this blend emanates from the mystical ashes of this unique forest vine, bestowing unparalleled strength upon this sacred creation. Infused with the essence of Pixuri leaves, celebrated for their medicinal and spiritual properties, this Hapè exudes a captivating aroma, tantalizing the senses and elevating the spirit from the very first whiff.

Prepare to be immersed in a deep, rich brown hue as you engage with this divine Hapè. Its effect on the sinuses is gentle and soothing, owing to the reduced ash content, while the Pixuri leaves infuse a refreshing dimension into the experience. Instead of a forceful impact, its power gracefully envelopes your being, inducing profound calmness, relaxation, and an embracing sense of letting go. The mind expands, and a deep, abiding tranquility envelops you, rendering meditation and contemplation a seamless journey. But it doesn't stop there; this Hape's low body load makes it a perfect companion for those on the move, amplifying the allure of this remarkable blend.

If you've favored the grey varieties in the past, prepare to have your perceptions transformed. The Puyanawa Hape possesses an undeniable allure, beckoning you to explore new depth.

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