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Sacred Soothsayer

Puyanawa Murici | Immunity & Purification

Puyanawa Murici | Immunity & Purification

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Vibrational Essence:

  • Energetic Purification: Experience a profound clearing of energies, especially in the lower abdomen, with the Murici ash blend.
  • Sharp and Strong: Feel the sharp and strong initial effect that pierces through obstacles, leaving you refreshed.
  • Warm Burning Sensation: Enjoy the long-lasting warm burning sensation that opens up the senses and awakens the spirit.
  • Simple yet Potent: Embrace the simplicity of this recipe, crafted with Corda and Murici ashes, yet potent in its effects.

Blend Profile: The Puyanawa Murici Blend Hapé offers a simple yet powerful recipe featuring Corda and Murici ashes. Murici, a traditional folk medicine plant, is exclusively used by the Puyanawa tribe, enhancing the potency and pleasantness of this Hapé. Crafted by a member of the tribe, this preparation embodies the essence of the Puyanawa people, known for their simplicity and connection to the land. Expect a strong initial effect with a warm burning sensation and a long-lasting aroma, despite its browner appearance.

About The Tribe

The Puyanawa tribe, like many others in Acre, suffered immensely during the rubber and caucho boom in the early 20th century. They were forcibly removed from their lands and made to work in the rubber extraction areas, resulting in the loss of their culture and language. However, with the demarcation of their territory, they have worked hard to reclaim their culture and language. The Puyanawa subsist mainly on agriculture and sell their produce to intermediaries for clothing, salt, and other necessities. In addition to farming, they still practice traditional activities such as trekking for game and raw materials. The Puyanawa established the Poyanawa Agroextractivist Association of the Barão and Ipiranga in 1988, which played a vital role in demarcating their land and preventing invasions. The association also received financial support for various income-generating projects, including flour production and livestock breeding, and worked with UNDP and PPTAL to consolidate the physical demarcation of their indigenous land.

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