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Sacred Soothsayer

Kuntanawa Lourinho | Infinite Relaxation

Kuntanawa Lourinho | Infinite Relaxation

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Benefits & Uses: Cleanses Pineal Gland, Supports Respiratory & Digestive Systems, Clears the Mind of Negativity, Relaxes the Spirit, Spiritual Cleansing

Lourinho, a herb with a refreshing minty and anise-like flavor, offers significant benefits for the respiratory system. Using this hapé can effectively clear the sinuses, making it an excellent choice for that purpose. Moreover, it boasts the ability to promote relaxation and clarity throughout the body, mind, and spirit. This grounding hapé also aids in balancing stomach acidity, providing relief from nausea.

The most remarkable advantage of Lourim hapé lies in its capacity to elevate the mind. By using this hapé, one can effectively overcome negative thought patterns and undergo a transformative process of rewiring the brain. Delving into the subconscious becomes more accessible with the aid of this hapé, making it an invaluable tool for gaining deeper insights and a broader perspective on life. During meditation, it facilitates the separation of oneself from thoughts, enabling the observer to contemplate things from a vantage point beyond the limitations of the ego. For those seeking to explore the depths of their consciousness, this hapé proves to be an exceptional ally in the journey.

The use of Hapé should always be connected with a prayer or the ritual. It should be given or received with respect and humility.  It helps greatly to come up with a clear intention.  The effects and the realization of the intention tends to get stronger. It is important to keep the purity of the space and heart.

Packed in 25 ml & 10 ml clear bottles.

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