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Kuntanawa Pedro | The Chief

Kuntanawa Pedro | The Chief

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Vibrational Essence:

  • Calming & Relaxed: Induces a calming and relaxed state of being.
  • Clear Headed Awareness: Brings the user into a clear-headed state of awareness.
  • Open Channels: Leaves the nasal channels feeling clean and open.
  • Exquisitely Powerful: Offers an exquisitely powerful and unique experience.

Blend Profile: Kuntanawa means People of the Coconut, because they are known to traditionally eat mainly palm nuts. Their chief, Pedro Kuntanawa, made this particular hapé. Made with a locally produced and harvested organic Moy (Nicotiana Rustica) and the ashes of Parika (Commiphora leptophloeos), a traditional antibacterial ingredient from the Amazon. This variety of hapè has a strong initial sting followed by a widening on the nostrils which leads to a calming and relaxed state of being. Its creamy undertones and flowery overtones bring the user into a clear headed state of awareness and the channels feel clean and open to fresh air. Eyes will most likely water and some residue will make its way into the throat.

This is another genuine tribal, and exquisitely powerful hapé from our close friend who lives in Brazil and is exchanging with the tribes people. This specific hapé was made for only that occasion at that time, and can not be repeated again. Only 1 kilo was ever produced. A must-have for your hapé collection!

About The Tribe

The Kuntanawa tribe is a small indigenous group located in the Acre region of Brazil. They have struggled to regain full ethnic recognition and their territory, following the devastating massacres of the rubber boom. Today, there are only around 250 members of the Kuntanawa tribe left (as of 2014), and they are working to preserve their culture and traditions through organizing festivals with other Pano linguistic tribes. The Kuntanawa place a strong emphasis on the ritualistic use of Ayahuasca, believing it will help them recover their lost traditions and knowledge. However, their language is believed to be irrecoverably lost.

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