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Sacred Soothsayer

Kuntanawa Corda Tsunu | Eagle Spirit

Kuntanawa Corda Tsunu | Eagle Spirit

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Discover the latest creation from the Kuntanawa tribe: a unique blend of Hapé! Unlike their traditional varieties that utilize Moi, this particular batch is crafted with the robust Corda. While maintaining the revered techniques and sacred intentions, the Corda yields a more intense experience. The Moi variant is known for its affinity with the heart center, enhancing gentle meditative practices, whereas the Corda's potency is rooted in the base center, fostering a deep earthly connection. Larger doses, however, can elevate the spirit to higher realms.

This Hapé boasts a distinctive light sand brown hue, a departure from standard grey or brown shades. Its flavor profile bears a subtle hint of warm Indian spices without the intensity on the sinuses. The initial sensation is notably sharp, demanding focus, and is followed by a cleansing tearfulness that rejuvenates weary eyes. The overall effect is one of upliftment and vitality, akin to the majesty of an eagle in flight, coupled with a profound sense of connectedness, receptivity, and concentration, free from any physical heaviness. It's especially harmonious with the natural world around.

The Kuntanawa's Hapé is a testament to communal effort, with many family members contributing to its creation. The Hapé artisan, who imparts the final personal touch, is supported in various stages by others—gathering materials, preparing the ashes, and meticulously crafting the tobacco. This collaborative spirit ensures that the benefits are shared with the entire community.

The Hapé is an exceptionally fine and dry powder, achieved through a laborious process to reach 150 microns in fineness. This standard is diligently maintained to ensure the optimal Hapé experience. Precision sieves and dehydrating technology are employed to guarantee consistency in fineness and dryness before the Hapé is carefully packaged.

Packed in 10 ml clear bottles containing 7 gr.

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