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Sacred Soothsayer

Kaxinawa Murici | Powerful Clearing (STRONG)

Kaxinawa Murici | Powerful Clearing (STRONG)

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This blend of Hapé has a powerful strength to it, giving a very sharp and extremely clearing vibration. It contains ashes of the Murici tree (Byrsonima crassifolia), a traditional folk medicine plant, which is used in Hapé to clear energies that accumulate in the lower abdomen. Be aware of very strong after effects. It is advisable to take a moment out of time to administer. More information can be found below.

This Hapé is one of our classics. Made from ingredients obtained from the Kaxinawa, mixed and charged with powers in a new post shamanic fashion by a magician's student who understands the respect and honor needed to work with these plant spirits. Our dear magician friend was very well known for making some of the strongest of all Hapé's. Unfortunately our dear friend has passed away. His student is now producing the same varieties and therefore this batch is unique and carries a new energy with it.

Packed in 10 & 25ml bottles containing 8 & 17grams.

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