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Katukina Cumaru Grey | Detox Blockages

Katukina Cumaru Grey | Detox Blockages

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Comes in Amounts of 7, 14 and 21 Grams

Benefits: Deeply  cleansing, detoxifying, clearing, while aligning thoughts, bringing connection to the heart. Activates the Third Eye and Crown chakras, calming the monkey mind and opening your non-physical perceptions.

Introducing a Unique Katukina Hapé Blend

This tribal Hapé by Katukina shares similarities with Katukina Cumaru, yet it distinguishes itself with its distinct grey appearance and effects. What sets it apart is its key ingredient - ashes derived from the Cumaru bark, scientifically known as Dipteryx odorata. Cumaru, often referred to as the Tonka bean tree, has a long history of being used to enhance the flavors of snuffs, sweets, and various culinary creations. Although information about this rare and genuine Hapé is limited, its uniqueness is undeniable.

This particular Hapé is part of a diverse collection of Hapés and ashes that were meticulously gathered for us. A dedicated friend embarked on a journey across South America, immersing themselves in different indigenous tribes to foster the exchange of knowledge about shamanic plants, ashes, and Hapé blends. Through negotiations and a shared vision, this endeavor yielded promising benefits for all parties involved.

Over time, this collaborative effort has given rise to a distinctive array of authentic ashes and Hapé blends, each crafted with the intention of sharing them with a global audience. This initiative marks a step toward a future characterized by cross-cultural exchange and the mutual sharing of knowledge and traditions.

This exceptional Hapé blend serves as a symbol of cooperation between cultures that, though distant, share a common purpose. The funds generated from this exchange have been instrumental in supporting the indigenous village. They have been used to acquire a new boat, improving transportation, and to construct a dedicated healing space for visitors. This space now facilitates transformative ceremonies involving Ayahuasca, Hapé, and Kambo, offering healing and profound insights to those seeking these experiences. Through this exchange, we are forging a path toward a future where cultures connect, learn from one another, and grow together.

Comes in 10ml clear bottles containing 7gr. 

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