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Collection: Ayahuasca Tincture

What is your intention in working with the Ayahuasca vine? Or
are you just taking it with a “let’s see what happens” attitude?
In my experience, this plant responds strongly to your
intention. The more intention and energy you put into it, the
more it will give back to you.
If you’re just eating your normal diet, and not creating any
ceremony around it, you may not receive much from the
experience. So really dig deep and ask yourself, what guidance
am I seeking in my life? What am I seeking support with?
What am I looking to heal, shift, transform or awaken to?
Getting clear on your intention is a huge part of the mental
and emotional preparation for working with the vine.
If you are looking to the vine to help support you with some
bigger mental and emotional issues such as depression,
anxiety, or PTSD, then I would strongly consider seeking a
therapist, or getting on a routine with your existing therapist in
preparation for working with this plant. Call on your support
team of guides, coaches, therapists, healers, and teachers to
optimally enhance and elevate your experience.
Your preparation may vary depending on your level of
experience in working with shamanic plants and Ayahuasca in
particular. If you’ve never worked with psychedelic plants or
sat in an Ayahuasca ceremony, then you may want to consider
at least researching what the experience is like. Take some time
to explore the rich cultural and shamanic traditions behind the
ceremonial brew.
Here is a brief list of additional recommendations for
emotional/mental preparation:
• Buy yourself a journal to begin a micro-dosing journal
• Understand that the vine may bring up some denser
emotions, so be prepared for some potential emotional
cleansing and release.
• Begin a morning and evening sitting meditation practice, as
the vine can also assist in psychic clearing and higher insight.
• Create a clear intention around why you are beginning a
micro-dosing journey and consider creating some ceremony
around it.
• If you’ve never worked ceremonially with Ayahuasca, spend
some time learning about what it’s like to take a full dose, so
you have an idea of what kinds of things to look for on a
subtler level.
The more mental work you put in, the more likely you are to
see benefits from an Ayahuasca micro-dosing experience!