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Yawanawa Double Dance Ceremony Kit

Yawanawa Double Dance Ceremony Kit

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Another Katukina.US one of a kind kit to never be fully duplicated. This kit was inspired by our times in ceremony with members of the Yawanawa Tribe.

To include:

1. A Double Nose Tepi, we like to refer to as a "Trepi"

2. A Haux Haux kuripe with built in snuff bottle

3. A bottle of Xochipilli's Dance Florida Water 

4. 9 10ml bottles of Yawanawa Hapé  (Well over 2 ounces of Hapé, varieties listed below)

5. Extra Large Messenger bag with shoulder strap

6. Medium handmade Peruvian Zip Pouch

7. A bottle of Strong Sananga

8. A 1oz bottle of Mother Vine tincture

9. Mapacho

10. Secret bonus gift, it's gonna be good.....

Parika, Mulateiro, Tonka Lush, Peu, Pau Pereira, Pau Mulata, Nawashahu (Femina Forca), Daime, and Tsunu

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