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Sacred Soothsayer

Infinity Snake Kuripe

Infinity Snake Kuripe

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This piece is hand carved from a single block of Tamarind wood, it is incredibly hard and durable. You can feel the scales of the snake when held, the detail and artistry is incredible.

This magnificent kuripe is a testament to the exquisite craftsmanship and natural beauty of tamarind wood. The intricate design of an infinity snake, which wraps endlessly around the kuripe, is both mesmerizing and symbolic. The rich, warm tones of the tamarind wood add depth and character to the piece, with each grain and knot adding its own unique texture and personality. The sleek and slender form of the kuripe fits comfortably in the hand, allowing for a smooth and effortless use during sacred tobacco ceremonies. It is a beautiful representation of the ancient wisdom and spiritual practices of indigenous cultures, and a stunning tribute to the natural world. This infinity snake kuripe made of tamarind wood is a true work of art, embodying the elegance and grace of the serpent and the eternal cycle of life. It is a beautiful and meaningful addition to any collection of sacred tools.


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