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Sacred Soothsayer

Bamboo Snuff Bottle

Bamboo Snuff Bottle

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These containers are of Kuntanawa design and made by hand. They will hold safely a very large amount of snuff from moisture in the air and pour out with ease.

The bamboo vessel is adorned with intricate tribal design pyrography, painstakingly etched onto its surface. The skillful use of heat brings forth rich, earthy tones that accentuate the container's organic charm. A screw top ensures secure storage, while a delicate resin pattern adds a touch of finesse, highlighting the artisans' attention to detail. Each bamboo piece used in the creation of these containers possesses its unique hollow, resulting in slight variations in volume.

This alluring bamboo hapé container, crafted with utmost care and precision, embodies the spirit of the Amazon rainforest and the ancestral traditions of the indigenous communities. Its allure lies not only in its functional purpose but also in its ability to connect you with the ancient wisdom and healing power of the Amazonian tribes.

They come in Grey and Green based off of the clay color.

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