Welcome to Katukina.us, your official source for authentic and traditional sacred ethnobotanicals from the indigenous tribes of Amazonia and the Americas. We offer the highest quality hapé snuff & hapé juice, sananga, kuripes, tepis, other sacred tools from Peru, Brazil, and other locations within Amazonia; as well as being home to the Florida based Xochipilli's Apothecarium & Botanica featuring the world best Agua de florida and Ayahuasca tinctures. Our carefully sourced products are authentic and effective for enhancing your spiritual, physical and emotional well-being. Improve your overall health, connect with tradition, and enhance your meditation practice with our sacred Amazonian ethnobotanicals. The Katukina brand is a pioneer in making hapé accessible to the Western world and we at Katukina.us are honored to continue this lineage. Our sacred hapé is purely tribal and made by reputed members of the community of which the ingredients are nativly sourced, harvested and created by these artisans. Among our diverse and extensive catalogue you'll have many tribes represented such as the Yawanawa, Nukini, Apurina, Kuntanawa, Kaxinawá, Shanenawa, Shawãdawa, Puyanawa and the Katukina. Additionally we have the trilogy of Pineal Flush, Clarity and Orchid Fever which were created by our founder. Katukina brand hapé is perfect for beginners and connoisseurs alike. Explore, discover and experience the healing power of the Amazon through Katukina.us.

Misk'i Takiy (feat. Mark Jenkyns & Tiyoweh)

Icaro Lindo

A special thank you to our friend, Misk'i Takiy for sharing his gifts and support to us on our journey.